Social Media Guidelines

Everyone is encouraged to use #SOHometownGames when posting about Hometown Games on social media, whether it's posting before, during or after the event! Be sure to share photos from the event to show everyone that competition is BACK!

Prior to the Event

Leading up to the event, customized graphics will be supplied featuring the name of the Hometown Games, sports included, date and community name. These will be shared by Special Olympics Ontario on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and hosts are encouraged to share these graphics as well to promote their Hometown Games!

During the Event

During the event, capture some great photos, including those of athletes competing, coaches and volunteers, fans and supporters cheering from the stands, medal presentations, and more! Be sure to use #SOHometownGames when sharing these photos to spread the word and awareness! (Note: if you or an attendee of the event has a collection of photos from the event, please click here to reach out to our marketing team to coordinate photo sharing).

Following the Event

Post a message of congratulations to all athletes who participated, and thank the volunteers, coaches and sponsors who helped make the Hometown Games possible. When possible, tag any sponsors' social handles to engage with them on social media. Special Olympics Ontario will be able to provide specific graphics to thank sponsors as needed.

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Join in on the conversation!

Use #SOHometownGames and be sure to tag us on social media!